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About Us

Horizon Livestock, headquartered in the State of New Jersey, has been in livestock business since 1980 serving the industry globally. Having such opportunities over the years, we have gained tremendous experience in livestock trade all over the world and become a market-leading livestock exporting company.

The company has brought many export projects to a success delivering thousands of cattles to Middle Eastern countries in the past decade. We have gained more power in 2011 by adding a new livestock vessel, MV Orient 1, on our fleet that was specifically re-designed to carry livestock around the globe. We currently offer to export dairy and beef cattle from the North, Central and South America to other countries. Unlike other competitors, we’re proud to offer door-to-door service as an alternative to delivery-to-destination-port

services which has been a common practice in the industry. We are the only American Livestock Exporter that has absolute control over the overall export process from the origin farm to final destination monitoring every single step of the operations which includes, but not limited to, selection and pre-testing of cattle, quarantine facility, documentation, trucking, port of embarkation and transportation thanks to our professional team whose members are all industry-specialized individuals.


Corporate Communication
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  • 1200 Heads Holstein Heifers departed to Port of Novorossiysk Russia
  • Fall Shipment to Turkey went with 1986 heads Holstein Heifers
  • Shipment to Bandirma Port Turkey
  • SHIPMENT to RUSSIA succesfully loaded
  • December 2012 Shipment left with 870 Heads