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Planning is a process for getting ideas into action. If you are systematic about it, the process and action can be made easier and more effective.

The approach can be time consuming at first but you will save time in the long run. We work close with you to understand what your needs are. The main topics we discuss are:

  • Project, Purpose and Breed needed
  • Examination of Technical Requirements & Specifications
  • Health Protocol & Regulations
  • Time Plan (Selection, Isolation, Shipping, Delivery Time)
  • Planning of Logistics

Based on your feedback, we draw a detailed plan for your export project and lay it out for your review.


Premium Livestock export services.


Dairy and beef purpose livestock from USA.


Exportation of livestock is a long and difficult process that involves many individuals and their services as well as state and federal officials.


Sea, Air and Road Transport of Livestock.


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